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Help! Warm Air In Cabin Area When Windows Down


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Hi Guys,

I hope someone can help me. I've got a 91 Ltd recently. Still under warranty so I would take it back to get it fixed if I have to, but I don't want the dealer (who I don't think knows much about soarers at all) to muck around with my car if I don't have to. Ok, the problem:

Whenever I have the window down or sun-roof open etc, cabin pressuse is lost (obviously) and very warm air starts to rush into the car. The aircon / climate control is off, vents are set to recycle, so I know it's not the vents. Seems to me there is a leak somewhere in the firewall, hence warm air is rushing in. The problem is less obvious with the window slightly open, but more so when both windows are down fully and crusing at higher speeds. When all windows are up and sun-roof closed, there is no warm air rushing in. Anyone experienced this?

Only problem I have in otherwise a fantastic car!



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Precisely. I have spoken to a few people here in Aus that have that problem too but have yet to find someone that has fixed it!

I am just guessing. I had a problem where the heater would not blow hot air. I had to replace the soleniod on the Heater control valve. That valve is used by the air conditioning to dump excess heat to the heater core to reduce that heat. My problem was that it would not open. Could your problem be that it is open and will not close?

The heater control valve is vacuum controlled. If you stand at the front of your SC400 with the hood up, this valve assembly is on the left side up near the firewall. you should see two vacuum lines goin into a solenoid back there. Check to see if the valve is closing.

:) :) :)

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