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Gs450h Pictures

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Thats not a picture of the 450h, they just used a stock photo of the GS300. If you look at the stage it says "GS300"

The picture is from the NYC Auto Show going on this week. I looked under and over and this is the real thing.

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That picture is definately on the GS300. The car's badge says GS300, the license plate in the front says GS300, and the floor says "The new GS300"

There may be an GS450h at the show but that is not a picture of it.

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Here's the GS450h


03/23/2005 New York - The world's first gas/electric hybrid-powered luxury SUV, the RX 400h, goes on-sale in less than a month. Today, at a press conference at the New York Auto Show, Lexus unveiled yet another ground-breaking hybrid vehicle. The 2007 Lexus GS 450h is the world's first hybrid luxury sedan and the first full hybrid vehicle with a front engine and rear wheel drive.

more in the article HERE

maybe someone could google up more info and pics :)

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