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My 2002 Es Spring Modifications


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I have begun the spring modifications for my 2002 ES.

Good news to report and some bad news to report.

Good news

I mounted the chrome trunk bar purchased from I think it looks very nice.

Stock Trunk Bar.


Chrome Trunk Bar (inside).


Chrome Trunk Bar (outside in sun).


Bad News

The 2005 tails are not a direct fit. The 2002 curved lamps have three bulbs and the 2005 can only accomodate two. There is a black plastic trim piece on the 2002 lamps and not on the 2005, so this leaves a little gap in the recessed area on the fender. I wasn't comfortable with it. I don't know about the fitment of the trunk mounted lamps because for some reason they didn't get shipped with the fender mounted lamps and haven't arrived yet.

Good News

Stainless Steel braided brake lines are available for the 2002-2004 ES through StopTech and will arrive on Monday.

Bad News

The second roof spoiler is not quite right and the entire spoiler has to be reworded, again. The arc of the spoiler is greater than that of the rear window so a gap still existed. Dyna-sport has to go back to the drawing board. I don't know when that will be finished. But as usual, I will post up any information when I can.


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Man thats a shame about the lamps, any way to modify them to fit?

It would be too much bother.

I would have to drill out a hole for the third bulb (the 194 bulb) and somehow mold the threads to hold the socket in. Oddly enough, you can see the casting marks on the back of the 2005 ES lamps where this hole is to go, but it wasn't acutally there. The other two sockets would either have to be modified or sockets from a 2005 ES would have to be purchased and spliced into the existing 2002 ES wiring. I don't want to do that.

Lastly the 2002 ES have a black plastic edge around the entire lamp housing. The 2005 ES lamps don't have it. Becasue if the black edge's absence, a minor gap is created between the edge of the lamp and the inner edge of the depression in the fender that the lamp sits in. Too much for my taste, but probably un-noticable for most others.

The lamps go back to on Wednesday.

To streamline the lamps, I just pruchased the Stealth bulbs in 7440 configuration. These are the silver bulbs that illuminate amber. The price has come down. They are now $34/pair. This will sleek up the back a little instead.


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