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What K Should I Get

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If you are looking for the white/blue color as HID xenons show, go more than 7000k. but if they aren't stock HID xenons, they won't be bright.

If you actually want to be able to see the road better, stay with what you've got, or go 5000k - 6000k. These will be very bright for seeing the road, but won't have the white/blue light.. ;)

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When i get the kit, will the lights move. Cuz i drive an IS300 sometimes and when you crank the car the lights aim up then aim down, then center. Can i get a kit that does that for a 93?

This system you're talking about here is the "dynamic auto-leveling system." If there is a lot of weight in the rear of the car, the headlamps would move downward to illuminate the road more than into space; blinding oncoming traffic. Since the 93 gs didn't even come stock with this feature it would be impossible to get one for it.

Last year my brother wanted me to put HID looking bulbs on his 2001 toyota camry. The size of the halogen stadard bulbs in the camry is 9006, so i looked on eBay for 9006 bulbs that have the white/blue look he was looking for. The first ones i spotted where 6000k supposedly "xenon" bulbs the correct size. When i got them, and put them in, they looked pretty boring. They were a little better than the standard halogen, but not anything like the color of stock HID xenons. Then i went back on eBay and saw some more bulbs, this time 8500k. I bought them, and they work peeerrrrfectly! The white/sky blue color, the same as the xenons on the standard lexus. I put my wifes old gs430, rx300 and rx330 (all have xenon's) next to the camry and couldn't tell the difference, except for the brightness level. The higher K you go up, the less output brightness.

This is just from my experience, so you might wan't to check with other people's first. I don't remember the brand of bulbs i bought, but they were $20 for all of them. In my opinion they are a great product and i would reccomend them to anyone.

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