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Show And Shine

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We have had two decent days weather in a row, and the chance to polish and wax the car was just too much.

I've not been able to do this since I bought the car - we've just not had the weather :(

I thoroughly washed it with Sonus Shampoo and dried.

No clay - not really time, as I started late in the afternoon, and wanted to make sure I at least got to polish it.

A !Removed! good polish with Klasse All In One, which did the paintwork some good.

It also gave me a chance to get close up to my paintwork for the first time.

This let me realise

  • I have some stone chips to the front and bonnet. Not surprising - but still :( I shall be contacting our local ship repair place to sort these out.
  • Someone had waxed the car before me, and left wax in the gooves of the kit fitting, which was a right royal PITA to remove :angry:

No Sealant Glaze. Its in the box with the other stuff, but I know we are not going to get enough of a spell of decent weather to make it worth while :(

When the weather picks up - will be done.

Retired for the night, and then gave it some Pinnacle Souveran loving.

Very pleased with results.

Paint is defintely a lot cleaner - you can tell there is a blue in it from a lot more angles and further away.

Of course - having done all this, I had to take pics to post here bragging, errr, fishing for compliments to show you all! :D :D

On with the pics - first some general, all round "Ooo - Shiny!!" pics :D






Look carefully on the bonnet on these pics, you can just make out the two biggest chips :(



Of course - the obligatory "Look - my car is so shiny, you can see my reflection in it" pic. This is me, waving to the LOC'cers - you all better be waving back! :angry:



And finally, my favoritest little neice.



what do you reckon guys?

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thanks for all your kindwords guys - glad you like it :D

your car really does look magnificent. 

i love the eyelids.  and the black finish is just smashing.

i have black color too, but definetly to old to look that perfect.


its actually a very dark, almost black, blue - but I cannot seem to get a pic that shows it.

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Two whole days of good weather ?  is that summer ?  :D

Very nice job.

The whole cute niece on the scooter so close to the car made me a little nervous !


I'm afraid it may have been :(

Dear Mattew:

Great job! Your car looks beautiful. :cheers:

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