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Ls400 Transmission Leak


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I've just noticed a small transmission fluid leak on my car. The leak appears to be from somewhere on the LHS of the transmission up near the bell housing.

Does anyone know if this is a common problem on the LS400.

If so, where does this leak normally originate from? Easy to fix? Any other tips?

Car has done 80,000K.


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Transmission leaks are not common on the LS400s, as far as I know. If it is leaking that high- is it possible that it is leaking where the filler tube connects to the tranny? Just a thought. Perhaps someone else here will know. :unsure:

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Is it leaking from the weep hole? Pink or brown fluid?

Not sure where the weep hole is. Fluid is pink. I can't really get the car off the ground, which makes it difficult to see too much other than where it drips from.

I checked the fluid level the other day though, and it appears as though it might be overfilled. When cold, the fluid level appears to be above the hot level marking.

Is it a problem to leave the level high like this (apart from the possible leak of course).

Funnily, I haven't noticed any more leakage in the last few days, so maybe this isn't a big deal.

Thanks for the help though.

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