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Catalytic Converters For 96 Ls400


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The Lex maunal says to check the cats and the o2's for that particular code. The o2's have a specific ohm range, so I'd start there before the $900/cat. I had this code go off over the summer. I think mine just had a piece of trash on an o2 because the next day after driving agressively, the cel was gone.

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Several of us with 95/96's have seen those codes one time or another. Some of us have replaced 02's and have had the codes occasionally appear again. Yet the cars continue to run perfectly and pass smog tests. On my own..I have pulled cats and they look perfect. Yet I occasionally get the 420 code. I am beginning to wonder if the ECU is just too sensitive.

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Just thought I would bring this to the top. Got a P0 420 code today. 1st time in a long time. Anybody ever fix the P0 420 code?

I have found out that the P0420 and P0430 codes typically have to do with a catalytic converter gasket leak. I had the P0430 code and made the mistake of taking it to the dealer. Of course, I was told to replace them both for $2,600 plus tax. The dealer charged close to $100 plus tax as a diagnosis fee.

I went to Midas and God bless the good folk out there who determined the code to be a gasket leak. The gasket was replaced for under $100 plus tax.

I hope this helps anyone who gets these codes.

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Dang, I think we might have an honorary gold member here fella's! Now that's some good news!

He shoots.....he scores!!

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