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2004 Rx330 Underseal/sounddamping


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I have an early 2004 RX330 and notice the underseal / sounddamping coating in the rear wheel wells is falling off, there are quite a lot of patches now seemingly down to metal surfaces, which seemed to be primed I hope.

Has anyone elso noticed this problem, I am sure my vehicle cannot be alone with this problem.

I asked my service department on two occasions, they agreed there is a problem and would look for further evidence on others of similar age, I am still waiting for a reply.

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If you go back and look at your dealer purchase invoice I'm sure you will find a line item for dealer undercoating. Hold the dealer responsible, the factory didn't ship it that way.

The underseal is applied during the vehicle build, it is not just underseal protectant, but a very thick soundproofing, and should be around 3 to 4mm thick.

On my vehicle it seems as though the coating has dried out and is now detaching it self from the primed body as I can see light grey areas appearing and find chunks in the drive.

My main worry is due to its location in the wheel wells, corrosion will start soon

The main dealer is taking it in for photos Friday to send to Lexus , so hopefully they will resolve the problem

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