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2004 Lx470 Dash Rattle

DB S600

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hello everyone.

i have a 2004 lx470 with a little more than 10,000 miles on it. about 2,000 miles ago i began to hear a low rattle coming from the top center of my dash - usually driving at about 40 miles per hour or more.

recently i took my vehile in for servicing and while test driving it with a mechanic we were unable to reproduce the noise. regardless they took the vehilce in (for the 10,000 mile servicing, aswell as a few other things). in the end my truck was returned and they supposidly resolved the dash board rattling (because they were at a later time - while the truck was at the shop - they were able to reproduce the noise) by adding more insulation.

once home, the noise came back, and this time it is louder than before. if i press down on the dash above where the navigation screen is the noise completely stops. the noise sounds like it is coming at the top center front most part of the dash where the dash meet the windsheild. has anyone had a similar problem - any suggestions before i take it back to the dealership AGAIN? THANK YOU.

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I had the identical problem you describe, except with a Toyota Corrola. I had the windsheild replaced and then this annoying rattle started in the dash. Turns out the new windshield was rubbing metal because of the way it was installed. They had to remove the windshield and install it again to get rid of the noise. I bet you are having a similar issue, perhaps a problem that existed from the factory install of the windshield.

If I put just a little preassure on the windshield, the noise would stop every time. That's how I finially convinced the windsheild guy that it was his problem.

Good Luck


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