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Check Engine Light And Shaking!help!

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Hi everyone, I live in NYC and during the past winter my car started giving me problems. First I had to change the battery b/c I have an alternate battery source in addition to my reg battery in the hood to power the subwoofers I have in the back. Since then, i've taken one sub out and tried to find the shutoff switch on my amp...anyone have any idea where that is?

my big PROBLEM is with the car itself. During the winter time when it snowed sometimes it just wouldn't start and when it did start the check engine light automatically came on and the rpm needle would jump up and then come back down. When I attempted to drive it with the check engine light on, the car would basically shift back and forth while the needle was going up and down. It felt like I was applying the brakes every two feet. To make matters worse, sometimes I would warm it up and while driving in the cold the check engine light would come on followed by the low battery indicator and the car would just die out on me in the middle of the road. I'd have to throw it to park and then turn the ignition back on. This is very dangerous and i'd hate to be stuck out there if this happens for good. Can anyone troubleshoot this for me? I'd be much obliged.

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I had a very similar prob w/ my contour SVT. I am not sure as to what it is but it REAALLLLY sux. Dont you feel like an idiot while you are diving it?? Well to the point I took it to about 12 diffent repair shops including 4 ford dealerships. They all told me it was fixed and i got it back and wuddoya know. Anyway I found this rinky dinky little place and they "fixed it" in 2 days I was skepticle but wuddoya know it ran good for a month, finally wreaked the car(praise ala). Anyway sound like wiring problems. Shorting out of the wiring harness somewhere maby. BUT HAVE CHECK THE WIReING OUT!!

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