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Instrument Cluster Lighting? Dcfish, Lls, Skp ?


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On my ’95 ES 300 I had some burned out backlights in my instrument cluster (as well as a bad needle & another on the way out). All backlights but the light(s) at the top of the tachometer were out. I bought a replacement cluster (cluster B ) to swap over to, but the mileage was off on the replacement cluster by a significant amount (over). I plugged in the replacement cluster (cluster B ) to test it and all of the backlights but one were working (the one by the fuel gauge was off). I removed the new cluster (cluster B ) and replaced the circuit board w/ the chipset on it with my original to keep the odometer reading the same. I also swapped a couple of bulbs from cluster A to cluster B b/c I thought that would fix the backlight in cluster B. When I plugged cluster B back into the power to check it again, the Odometer was my original miles (due to the circuit board swap), all needles were working, but instead of no burned out lights, I had the same light on above the tach and all others were out.

This was somewhat puzzling unless the lights are wired so that one bulb out would affect the others like a strand of X-mas lights. Are the backlights wired so that if one goes out it would affect the others? Is it possible I have a problem in my ckt board that powers the lights? Should I just go out and buy all new lights for the new cluster w/ the working needles?

I went to Advance, Autozone, & Napa and nobody could tell me what bulb type I need for the backlights. I found the type 74 bulbs for the black & gray inserts(bulbholders) that control the indicator and warning lights, but I couldn't find a bulb that matched the bulb for the backlights (green holders).

I have my original cluster installed now w/ the replacement ckt board (wrong odometer) until I can get the other one squared away. (I may just need to send it to LLS).

Any help would be appreciated.

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