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Fast Orange Cleaner

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Hey guys, I"m a newbie and was at work over the week and found a website where there was a step by step guide for cleaning out ur interior using Fast Orange pumice cleaner. I can't seem to find it anymore, and now that it's the weekend, I don't wanna eff up my new interior. Has anyone out there used this product? Or does anyone know what I am talking about? The website looked just like Lexus LS, but it wasn't it. Thanks in advance for ur time,


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I'm sorry, what does CL mean? Also, why would you not recommend using it? My dumb a$$ just went out and bought a big bottle of it, but was wondering why hand cleaner with pumice, that's the stuff that you use to "gently" scrape your skin correct?, would work great. I saw pictures on that site, which showed before and after pictures, and they came out really nice though. Thanks for looking into this for me though...

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CL is ClubLexus, another Lexus site.

It may remove dirt from the leather surfaces but I bet its loaded with harsh cleaners and I'd be afraid it would strip the dye.

I'd use a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. Should work as well but no cleaners to harm the leather and plastic surfaces.

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