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I am sorry if this sounds stupid but does the radiator fan come on or stay on as soon as you turn the engine on if not then what could be the problem as the temperature seems normal and the revs seems normal too help !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I checked my wife's 94 ES fan operation.

The fan did run when I cranked the car with the engine cold. However, it was sitting in the garage, and the ambient temperature would probably be in the 60's today.

The fan on the 92-96 ES models is hydraulically powered. It uses fluid from the power steering system to operate the fan.

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I thank you for the reply but the a/c was turned off and it still did turn on

From the day I bought my new '94 ES the fan would always turn slowly when starting the cold engine. If you would turn on the climate control it would speed up.

This slow turning is normal, and would speed up automatically when the coolant temperature rises.

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