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No. 6 Plug Not Firing- Injector?


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1993 SC 300

Car is running rough like it is missing. Pulling off each plug wire, when you pull off the No. 6 there is no change in how it is idling so that isolated my problem. Wiring seems okay. Getting spark. I can hear the injector so I think it is working. What do I do now? Stumped

Error code 25 and 26. Ran a can of injector cleaner, no help. Replaced oxygen sensors on exhaust manifold and fuel filter, no help. You can see the pulse for the injector but I don't know if that means it is working.

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Replace #6 wire. You can ck. the wire for it's resistance value with a Ohm meter, Just because it will jump spark to ground does'nt assure it will fire the plug under compression.

in most cases if it will send spark to a ground, it will. MOST of the time. i have seen it where it doesnt though.

try simply replacing that wire. if that wire is bad, replace them witht he set you bought (cant buy just one)...if not, i woudl keep em anyway, and probably change them anyway. you are int here so whatthe hell.

did you try pulling out that plug?

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Prbblem has been resolved. It was getting spark, and injectors appeared to be working so I was tracing down the wires to the ECU. I found a wire that was corroded, I assume because of the recent rain. Cleaned it up and problem was solved.

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