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Warrantee Ready To Expire


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I need some advice on how to find a dealership that is willing to take this LS430 and give it one last final inspection before the warrantee runs out. Also, to make any upgrades or adjustments from service bulletins that I may not be savy to or aware of. My thinking is that most dealerships won't go looking for problems with a ready to expire warranteed vehicle. I would hate to let the warrantee expire only to have a problem with somthing that I failed to discover. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks in advance for any advice.

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Sorry, is not really an answer to your question, but it is related.

My aunt bought a brand new van in June of 1995. When the warranty ran out on my aunts 1995 Mercury Villager (Nissan Quest) minivan- it started falling apart literally thereafter. Not before a new engine was installed (but that was under recall), as well as new rear blower motor, sliding door panel, radio, taillight sockets, grille lamps, etc. They had the extended powertrain warranty, but the powertrain was OK after the new engine was installed. It was everything else that went on the fritz.

Ironically, she traded it in on a 2001 Nissan Altima SE in June of 2001. It too started falling apart around 20K- broken window switches, rear panel falling off of front seat back (in part of destructive kids) :rolleyes:, but most importantly, the steering developed a clunking around 25K miles. She had everything repaired except for the steering noise. The cars time part of the warranty ran out before the mileage, because she has a van that she also drives, so the mileage on the car did not add up that much. I told her and told her to have the steering checked before the warranty went out, but she never did. :wacko::rolleyes:

Now, the car only has 32K, but it is in the body shop, where it has been for a couple of weeks, because a lady backed into her in the parking lot. It suffered moderate damage from a major hail storm we had in May of 2002. I personally would not even give $2000 for it now, because I think the newer Nissans are low quality and not what they used to be.

Sorry to get off track. I would just check over the cars controls very closely and make sure everything is in proper working order.

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The dealer will happily go looking for problems when the warranty is about to expire.

Thats a common misconception, people think dealers do warranty work for free. They don't, they just charge Lexus for it instead of you.

You can get service bulletins at

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