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4th Annual Taming The Dragon Lexus Meet, May 27 -

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Memorial Day Weekend - May 27 - 29, 2005 come to the Fourth Annual "Lexus Taming the Dragon" Meet

See for more details on the meet. We normally have this meet in the fall, but shifted it to spring to avoid conflict with the big east coast Lexus meet in the DC area in August.


Deal's Gap is right on the NC/TN Border, big groups are coming from Atlanta and Charlotte (among others). This road (called "Tail of the Dragon") is amazing, with 318 curves in 11 miles.

Here's a small taste of the Dragon's Tail:

Right Click and Save As


We have a website set up for more info on the meet that is being continually updated with details and sponsor information.

Check out for more information on the meet and to RSVP if you're going to come!

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So far we've got 16 cars and 28 people attending! Check out the confirmed attendees page on the dragon. It only shows the last ten signed up, but if you click on the car model, it gives you the full list of everyone with an IS, GS, other, etc.

We have the usual 'friends and family' attending including a Porsche GT3 and a supercharged M Coupe. We also have a new GS430 attending, looking forward to seeing how the new model does on the twisties :)!

If you are on the fence, go ahead and get your hotel now and sign up. You can always cancel the hotel up until the day before, but you'll be SOL if they run out of rooms.

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General update on the Dragon meet coming in a couple of weeks now! We've now got 22 cars signed up for the event and 38+ people! Nine IS's so far in addition to the other Lexi...

Jeff (driving instructor) has signed up to give us another driving school classroom session prior to our drive on Saturday AM. If there are special topics for him to cover you'd like to ask about, please PM me. Otherwise I'm going to ask him to talk about picking your line and approaching turns, braking technique, and other tips & techniques.

Some interesting 'friends and family' cars coming to check out on this event in addition to the boosted Lexus (so far two FI IS and one GS) that are coming.

- Jeff's Porsche GT3 will make its first appearance at the Dragon this year... last year it was in the shop and he brought his beater BMW 540 and the year before he brought his (sold) Porsche C4S.

- Scott's BMW M Coupe now also has FI (supercharger)

- Will is coming in his TRD Supercharged Camry

- Jason still has his white GS400, but just bought an old school Porsche 930 (911 turbo the one with the massive wing) that he wants to drive this trip.


Reminder that we have a pretty exhaustive suggested packing list to look over on the website

Two items warrant a brief reminder...

1) Please bring a FRS/GMRS Radio if you have one or can buy one... and if you have an extra pack it too. I've got two extras that I'll bring, but others may be needed.

2) Pack all adult beverages you plan to consume, if you are so inclined. ROBBINSVILLE IS A DRY COUNTY, and it's 30 minutes to the closest town with ABC carryout available.

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Update on Raffle Prizes for the Dragon Meet

I haven't had enough free time to really focus on getting a lot of giveaway items this year from sponsors, but we do still have some nice prizes and a couple of folks working on other potential items.

Following are the raffle items we have so far for the 2005 Lexus Dragon meet. We'll use similar rules as last year where only Lexus owners are part of the drawing for 'major' items, but everyone can win a t-shirt, etc

We'll plan to do the drawing Saturday morning, so if you are definitely coming but arriving Saturday (later morning / noon) and want me to hold your ticket in proxy, please let me know via PM.

Courtesy of Desmond Performance in Charlotte, a new high-end performance shop on Independence Bvd near Indian Trail:

1 set of Sprint Performance lowering springs for the Lexus IS

1 set of Sprint Performance lowering springs for the 2nd gen Lexus GS

each of these has a MSRP of $345


Courtesy of Germain Lexus of Dublin, OH (thanks ColumbusIS)

Three Lexus Baseball caps

Two Lexus golf shirts

Courtesy of

Five ClubLexus tee shirts (four L, one XXL)


Two aluminum travel mugs


Pinnacle Interior Detailing kit worth $60

including the following

16 oz. Leather & Vinyl Cleaner

16 oz. Vinyl & Rubber Protectant

16 oz. Leather Conditioner

Microfiber Detail Towel

1 Wood Grip Scrub Brush

1 Interior Cleaning Brush

3 Terry Applicator Pads



Duragloss Clear Coat Polish and Car Wash Concentrate worth $15


Duragloss Deluxe Detail Kit worth $30

Contains Clear Coat Polish, Vinyl & Leather Dressing, All Purpose Cleaner, Fabric & Carpet Cleaner and Car Wash Concentrate.



Will add more prizes as we get them.

*** We're only raffling items that we have IN HAND from sponsors ***


If it does look like you can make it and you haven't already signed up, please get your hotel room at the Microtel before they sell out (click here for discount and phone info) and sign up on the Lexusdragon website here so we know to include you in the lunch count, etc

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