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Got Darn It!

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Repo man??

Just joking man, I had my Honda stolen 5 years ago in Cali--worse feeling ever, they found it trashed, repainted it and I sold it. All in all I wish they had never found it or at least totaled.....

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Sorry to hear about your lose. Does your vehicle have a GPS system installed? However, if the intruder is smart, he/she would disable it.

Do you keep additional keys in your car? Reason I ask is b/c some of my friends store an additional valet key in their car. All they (intruders) would have to do is find a way to get in your car and locate the key which is a walk in the park for most.

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holy *BLEEP* they found it, you gotta be kidding me, all they took was the factory chrome 17 inch rims and the nav screen, but left the nav hard broken windows no busted steering column......

What the? They must have some sort of universal key or something. Is there any damage to the center console where the nav screen is? Either way I'm glad you got your car back and that's the only things that are missing (granted those items are important and expensive). Those jerk offs. <_<

Where did they find your GS anyway, in an alley on blocks or something?

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Universal Key = Tow Truck.

I used to work for a repo company long time ago. Takes less time to hook up and tow then to brake in etc. And you can hook to the front and just drag it, or throw it on a dolly. In fact from pulling up to pulling away I knew guys who could do it in lss then 3 min.

And late at night even if the alarm goes off, the car and truck are gone before most folks wake up enough to look out a window.

Now adays they even have hide away tow trucks. Looks just like a plain old pick up till they drop the tail get and hit the switch to have the tow stuff pop up.

Much easer to get then a key that will defeat the alarm. As for opening the door without a key not hard to do. And from vin # you can cut a key that will work the doors and ignition lock, but it will not beat the alarm.

All that siad I have had a car riped off before. I think it should be handled as if it was the wild west... String-Em-Up!

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the car was just sitting on a side street, there is some min damage in the area around where they removed the screen....but I am happy right now

Wow... on the side of the street. I ask because when my father's old '77 Celica was stolen, they found it in an alley in San Francisco on blocks (interior was stripped and wheels were gone as well), and our old '85 Camry was stolen for a "joy ride" and abandoned at a gas station (ran out of gas, hehe). Ya I'm glad you got your Lexus back with minimal damage.

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