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Warning Bell


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I have a 1993 LS400. Starting last week, every time I turn the ignition key off, pull it out of the ignition, and open any door, the warning bell rings about 6 times. It sounds like the warning bell when the headlights when you inadventently leave on your headlights. I tried resetting the system by temporarily disconnecting the battery, checked all the doors, and ensured the lights were off.

It's bugging the heck out of me. Any insight to what is causing this?

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If I recall correctly- on my 90 LS400, the headlights did not have a "reminder" chime, as I think they automatically turned off when the door was opened. :unsure: Now I cannot remember for sure.

Also- if I recall, if you leave the sunroof "tilted" open, it will make a three toned "beep", rather than the "chime" that the key reminder sounds.

Perhaps there is a short circuit in the "key reminder" system, or something in the switch is sticking? I am sure someone will have more insight on this.

Sounds like the sunroof is not closed all the way.  Check the tilt position & close the sunroof & recheck.  Hope this helps.

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