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Possibly Parting Out '92 Es

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I sold my friend my '92 ES about two years ago which I bought it from the original

owner, my mother in law. The trans output flange is making noise and the probably needs a new differential. The car also needs, a new rack, windshield and drivers seat repaired so he's probably going to part it out. It has a GREAT body and if by chance your car is gold, doors, trunk, hood that you could use by just bolting on the parts. All of the glass and lights are good too. Has factory CD changer which I had rebuilt by Pioneer 2 years ago. Trans has 40k on a rebuild and shifts perfect. Fluid has been, and was just changed. This problem is in the diff and sounds like a bad axle (which are both new within 40k as well). Engine has 180k, oil has been changed every 3k since new. I just did tune-up less than 5k miles ago, timing belt/wp tensioners done about 40k ago. Engine will need a couple of seals which is no big deal if you're pulling it out anyway. I just did valve cover gaskets and oil pan within last year. Radiator is brand new. 2" of receipts... (dash and temp lights are going). Car is in CT. Let me know if you have interest in parts or the whole car. Like I said, the car is very driveable probably within the state with no problem but I can't guarantee that. Email me if interested and I'll put together a better list.


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