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Fed Up With Lack Of Rca Options

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Hey so I'm sick of my stereo now. I hate having to get into the trunk to change CD's. My CD changer is sensitive to CDR's. And the lack of RCA outs is kind of the last straw. So, I've been looking at in-dash 2-din mp3 cd players and I found this one:

I decided on that one because it is the sleekest looking one out there. I didn't want something that wouldn't match at all, and this one kinda matches the interior.

My main concern is this though-this receiver has a basically rectangular shape. My stock unit has more of a curved, trapezoid kind of shape. How would this work? Are there bezels you can buy or mounting kits to make it fit better?

Or has anyone here installed a 2-din size receiver and have experience to share? Or some pictures of it?


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yeah but that still doesn't really solve the rca issue. also I heard that the tape adapters don't sound as good.

the ones that sound bad are the 3 dollar cassette adapters. I bought one for $15 at walmart...I use both my 3g ipod and now my new shuffle and they both sound great in the car. the trick is to adjsut the volume on the deck and the mp3 player. That's it.

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