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Should I Fix Damage Before I Sell My Gs?

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Hi everyone. I am selling my GS :( I am moving from CA to TX and will be selling it before I leave. Here is my question.

My right front fender is a bit dented from a hit and run. The part where the bumper attaches to the fender is also hanging off by about 1.5 inches and can't re-attach without some body work. The paint on the bumper is also pretty bad looking, but the bumper structurally is fine. I got quotes ranging from 700-3000 to fix it. If I fix it for 700 bucks, how much will the resale value go up? Is it usually worth it to do body/paint work before you sell it? Do you get a good ROI?

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I'd say list it and see what kind of responses you get. If you know you can fix it properly for $700 then offer to sell the car for $700 less if they want to have it done, provide new owners with signed estimate from the shop. Or if they want to have you take care of it all. Inform them that you will have it repaired after they've paid you.


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