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Gs300 Speaker Problem

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i am currently having some problems with my car audio. wile my radio is on, the

sound will go on and off whether i am driving or parked. at first i thought it was

my radio so i bought an aftermarket one but i still now have the problem. today i was parked with my car on and when i pressed on the brake the sound turned off but when i released the brake it turned back on, i repeatided this about ten times to make sure it wasnt just me but the same thing kept happening. i think it may be a short but i have no clue where to look.

can some one please point me in the right direction

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first check the voltage to make sure the battery is good and the alternator is charging, then check the wiring. Check also for corrosion in the wires as well at the battery. Does it shut off when the lights are turned on, if so you may have used an illumination wire for a ground? Ground directly to metal. <_< Is it the sound only, or the power as well?

If it's the sound only you may have a blown speaker or just incorrectly wired it.

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also i have this problem with my nakamichi in my 95 gs300 but i know what it is. If you have a premium sound system in your lexus and you have replaced any of the speakers with aftermarkets then they may draw too much power and overheat the factory amp. i have replaced the sub in my car with a 1000w pioneer and after about 45 minutes my stereo cuts out and i have to let the amp cool down, try either upgrading your amp or downgrading your speakers.

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