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05 Gs W/navi And Mark Levinson

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1. Who is selling the car?

2. Why they are selling it?

3. Results from VIN background check.

4. Like SW03ES asked, "430 or 300?" Is there a 500?

5. Options?

6. Results from diagnostic and visual analysis of vehicle.

I would investigate before dropping $35k. In fact, depending on who is selling the car, the price seems to good to be true, especially if the seller allows much space for negotiation? Not trying to scare you. Just be smart about it and have all the info you need.

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Its a 2005 GS300. Its a Lexus Dealer. They said that it was a Lexus "rep" car. Drove it and it still drives like new. Asked the sales guy if there were any accidents and he said that the dealer was not allowed to sell DEMOS that have been in an accident. Silver with Black interior.

But does the price sound too good to be true like someone said? The sticker was $45000 something.

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Thanks all. I'm in the process of negotiating. Is it true that Lexus doesn't sell the Wing Spoiler separately painted? If they don't give any discount, maybe i'll ask for some the 17" rims from the 430. I'll let you know how it ends up. Any negotiating ideas??? Floormats etc......i'm in the process of trying to get $1000 off.

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Definitely milk it for all its worth. Lexus accessories are expensive so if they can hook u up with floor mats...etc., that would nice. Like the majority, I personally prefer $$$. Also, make sure they give you at least 2 master keys and a couple valet keys. Those dang keys are expensive. Make sure the manual and wheel lock are also included however focus your negotiation in terms of $$$ then ask for the rest. Good luck and let us know what happens.

Tip: Competition is always a winning negotiation tool.

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