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Outer Right Rear Tail Light Replacement On A 2001


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My coworker’s outer right rear bulb is out. So I looked at it in the parking lot and I see two coverings on the side of the housing. I pop the coverings off and take the two bolts out. The light does not budge something is holding it on the other side. So I end up ripping out most of the interior on the right rear side of the car to try and get my hand in thinking there is two more bolts. What I found appears to be two plastic push pins almost. But the problem is it is so tight in there you can not easily get a pliers in (not that I had one with me) So I tried to squeeze it with my hand did not work.

I did a search and found the following threads.

I was wondering if this is the same procedure for the 2001? I did not try and pry it b/c I was afraid of breaking it and my coworker getting all *BLEEP*ed. Although she was pretty nervous when I was striping out the interior of it. I was freezing my a** off in the parking lot trying to do it yesterday so I gave up and just found this site and these threads. Any help would be great.


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