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Lower Ball Joint Problem

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Hey guys! Last weekend I was at a left turn signal and when i was making the left turn from a stop at about 10 miles per hour (if that) I heard a loud boom!!! like a tire popped and I was riding on the rim. I pulled over immediately to change the tire but when I looked the tire was fine :censored: and the wheel well was kind low on the tire. I got it towed to an ASE certified shop and they said it was the lower ball joint that popped out. I had it fixed (had to go to work etc.) but the mechanic said I shouls contact Lexus about it cause it wasn't supp to happen like that not to that car. I called corp cust serv line and they said take it to a dealership and have it looked at to see if (Lex corp) would do a goodwill reimbursement, service etc. I took it to them and they said it was normal wear that caused it to happen. What do you guys think? I was going to call corporate back about it because this isn't a ford I don't expect to be driving and having the wheel almost fall off without sufficient warning!!! What about if I was on the highway doing 60 and that would happened :chairshot: I have a 98 GS 300 in very good condition. What should I do? Suck it up and take the loss or pursue!?

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Unfortunately, it is a wear item. If it was loose enough to come apart, you should have been experiencing all kinds of rattles and/or looseness in the steering prior to the event. They are very well made parts, but they are just that; mechanical parts. Like anything else that moves, they are subject to wear.

If you recently (in the last year) had any work done on the tires, or had an alignment, any reputable shop should have checked these parts. If they are failing, most shops (especially alignment shops) would notice this and try to sell you the parts.

How many miles are on your GS? If it were me, I would just suck it up. Once you're out of warranty, it's just a car like any other. I replaced mine at 65K because they were getting loose. But I was fortunate enough to not have a wheel fall off! :blushing:

Side note: Recently DiamlerChrysler Corp. decided to recall a boat-load of late model trucks because the ball joints were falling apart; sometimes with only a few thousand miles on the vehicles. It took a class action lawsuit and several years before they would admit to the problem and issue a recall.

In the end, your car is seven years old and that amounts to a lot of bumps and potholes wearing on the suspension parts. Best suggestion would be to choose a good shop and have the entire suspension gone over. If you need one side, chances are you need the other as well. They are about $80.00 per side plus labor for the lower at your local Lexus garage.

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96 I believe had a recall for ball joints improperly lubed and breaking. Inadequate lubrication is the main reason for failure. if you get new ones, try to get ones with grease nipples this way you can keep them lubed, if they don't have the nipples they're designed be replaced when worn out. <_<

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