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Cd Changer-more Info.


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I purchased an alpine add on cd changer/modulator. (model) S665RF. I have in my vehicle on a cassette player and didn't want to loose my cassette. When the installer went to install, they said they couldn't because of the gas tank being behind the seat. They then wanted to put it under the drivers seat and then in the glove box. I said no and they gave me a refund. Do they make a cd/cassette combination unit that fit my vehicle.

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+1 - Silvermate is right, you gotta give us some time to read and respond. If you have more info, it's probably a good idea to post it up in your original thread. Replies will bump the thread to the top of the list, so it won't dissapear if people are talking.

If you're talking about a cd changer that is commonly installed in the trunk, I'm not sure why they wouldn't install it there. Yes, your gas tank is back there, but they can run the wires through non-conductive conduit if they're worried about a short. I installed a Pioneer changer in the trunk not 6 months ago, all I needed was some extra wire to go the distance to the unit.

Check with another shop. This shouldn't be an issue.

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I agree this shouldn't be a difficult problem.  I would take it to Circuit City or Best Buy.  Their 'certified' personnel install cd changers all the time.

Thanks for the advice, I didn't even think about circuit city or best buy. I beleive the guy didn't want to drill while around the gas tank. I'll check with the two stores above. Thanks again.

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