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About Changing Spark Plugs On A Es250...


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I was wondering how hard is it? Seems fairly easy, i was wondering how do you gap the plugs correctly? Is there a certain torque you should put on the plugs when you put the new plugs in? thanks.

I am a human torque wrench. i can judge torque fairly accurately by hand. comes from being around cars all my life. however, i still use a TQ wrench on things like head bolts and internals, things that have to be precise.

spark plugs on an engine liek this dont have to be torqued precisely. simply put anti seize ont he plugs, gap them with a gapping tool from autozone ($1.00) and then put them in. turn lightly with little pressure until they wont turn, then give it about half a rotation of heavy pressure and you are good.

put the plug back on the wire and drive.

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