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Check These Rims Out!

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post-11139-1109839397_thumb.jpgVOLK RACING 19's just got these two piece Forged Aluminum 19 inch VolkRacing rims and tires put on the other day. Front RIMS: 8.5 inch Aluminum SF-Challenge VolkRacing rim and Yokohama 245/35ZR19 93Y tire. Back RIMS: 9.5 inch Aluminum SF-Challenge Volk Racing rim and Yokohama 275/30ZR19 96Y tire.

Sorry I cant upload a picture, if keeps on saying that the file is to large. How can I get more global attachment space?

I had to delete all the other pics I have on this forum to have enough space to post this. Do you always have to due that?

why is the picture so small and why is there so more white (dead space) this is very frustrating to me!!!!!!!! :censored:

Sorry about the pictures guy I guess I dont know what I am doing "Rookie"



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I think many people haven't replied because the rims are so ugly. No -just messin with ya man. Seriously they are sweet. Have you noticed a big difference in the ride/performance? What were your previous wheels? Do the low profile tires beat you to death? What do you mean by "two part rims"? Any problems with wheel shuddering at speeds above 60mph? Keeps those beauties polished -I am jealous! ps -you really ought to consider slotted/drilled rotors and painted calipers since they are so reavealed now. Just a suggestion if you have the bucks...

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Here is a picture of the pervious wheels/tires. post-11139-1110384806_thumb.jpg post-11139-1110384844_thumb.jpg The low profile tires are a rougher ride but not rough enough to out weight the compliments I get on the rims. As far as two piece wheels here is what I mean. There is a good variety of ways of constructing wheels. Most alloy wheels are made in either one, two or three piece construction types. One piece is just what it says, a wheel made in a mold as a single piece. Two piece wheels are made of two separate pieces (center and barrel) that are usually welded or bolted together. Three piece wheels are made of three separate pieces. They have a center, and inside rim half, and an outside rim half. They are bolted together using the highest quality fasteners. No shaking above 60mph and I have had them higher too. :D As far as larger slotted rotors and painted calipers they are next on list, right in front of the twin-turbo's this summer.

As far as the suspension it is stock.

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