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Transmission Flush Found Directions Few ?'s


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This link had great step by step for new model. I remember when I did my last oil chang I contemplated doing the flush myself but never got around to doing it. The one thing I fear is replacing differential fluid. I dont have any kind of pump to do that with. Also interms of removing all the old fluid. If i understand correctly after the drain plug has been removed you should be able to fill atf bottle a few times with old fluid. Approx how much atf does 92-96 tranny hold? Also the only way to flush out all the old fluid is to continiue pouring in new fluid until its all red. I know its not done same as radiator flush where you can just the cleaner and water but is there any kind of solvent or chemical to be added?

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You can use this procedure on your '92... that's how I've done it a number of times

on a few different ES's. You get about 3 qts out on a drain and fill. No reason why you can't disconnect the trans line and flush it the way it's described. That'll work on virtually any car. As long as you keep adding fluid until it looks clean (red) that will flush the whole system. Same concept as bleeding brakes.


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