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Newbie With Questions/looking At Buying 91 Ls 400


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Hello guys,

A friend of mine owes me $2000 and can't pay me, so I'm buying his 91 LS 400 off of him for $2500. So out the door, I'm getting a 91 LS 400 with 156k miles on it for $4500. The car is in excellent shape and dude has all the reciepts for the work done on it, but I have some questions.

First off, how easy/affordable is it to install an aftermarket head unit?

I have a Sony MEX-1HD

The headunit is awesome cuz I have all my mp3's on it's hard drive, so I wouldn't need the CD changer. Also, I don't think this car has the Nakamichi speakers, but I will definitely check that out.

I was wondering if you recommend gutting out the stock radio and changer. Also, a speaker in the back does not work, so I wanted to get new speakers thrown in all around. Is it possible to have an aftermarket radio installed in a 91 LS 400 and still keep the stock climate control or are they connected? I also have a 4 channel alpine amp and a jl audio amp along with a kick !Removed! 12" JL audio W7 subwoofer, but I guess what i'm worrying about is how to do the install or where to take it around the Chicagoland area.

Please, I am open for criticism, so let me know your thoughts. Would you just keep the car stock or pay say a Tweeter to do the install? Thanks in advance for your time,


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do a search in our audio/video'll find everything you need to know

also here are some direct links to a LOC members personal DIY LS website, that will answer a lot of your questions.

head unit


door speaker

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