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New User, Future Ls400 Owner... Black Interior?


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First off, I'd like to give a big hello to all the LS400 owners out there. This section of the forums has definately contributed to my decision to purchase one of these great vehicles.

I'm planning on getting an LS400 in June. My budget will be around $10000. I'll have it in cash, so I should be able to get a good deal on one. I've read the guides and understand what to look for, and on top of that I'll have my dad with me to scope them, who is a hell of a mechanic. It seems the main problem I'm going to have is finding one with a black interior.

This is actually the only feature of the car that's really important to me. All the other frills are nice, but I want a black interior. I'm fine with all the exterior colors available as well.

I just have a hunch that the best LS400 I find (as far as mileage, condition, and price) will have the tan. I'm not trying to at all disrespect the natural color of a tan interior, I just prefer black, especially since I do alot of night driving. So what I'm inquiring about is how much of a premium finding an LS400 with a black interior is worth, as in comparison to what other options are available.

So to find this out, I'm curious if anyone knows how much it would cost to have the interior reappolstered in black, and if there are parts available for the rest.

All i've found so far are floor mats, and I'm figuring with the price of genuine lexus parts it wouldn't be worth the trouble, but I just wanted to check.

I'm also curious if there's actually anyway to change the color of a leather interior, through staining or what not, but not something that will just scuff off like leather-paint.

I know this belongs in the detailing forum, where I'll post as well, but I wanted to ask people who had a handle on how much parts for the ls400 go for.



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I think that you should find one with a black interior. A whole lot less heartache and trouble. It can be done but just keep picturing a black interior in your minds eye and the right one will come along. Life is all about dreaming and if you can picture it you will have it. Be patient and check out E-bay but be wary, but since your father is a mechanic I think the right one will come along. Just be patient.

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I think you should be patient and wait for the right car to come along. I also wanted a black interior and was almost ready to settle for tan, but ended up finding a 94 LS400 with Black exterior and interior. Not only that, it's the gold edition, which makes it look even sweeter in my opinion.

What I ended up doing was expanding my search radius. Do some hunting online. Try to find a vehicle at a dealership. If you find one you really like, you might be willing to drive 4-5 hours to pick it up like I did. I was also looking at a car in California (a couple days away from me) that I might have been willing to buy without ever testing as long as I could have it shipped to me within my budget. Luckily I found this near mint beauty first.

Good luck.


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Yes, you can go though the pain of chaging the color, but your going to spend big bucks. At least $2,000.00 to do it right. You are better off putting that money into the car you want to start with.

Try not only Ebay, but the and the Just did a fast search on the auto trader for LS400 Black color in Southern California (did not know any Northern Ca. zip codes). Over 12 cars came up all under $10,000.00 So the cars are out there and for sale. Good luck, and remember the way to end up with a good car at a good pirce is to be willing to walk away from any car and keep looking.

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actually there is a 93 pearl white LS with black leather int. in todays local paper.......i beleive it had around 140K on her and they were asking something like 6,500.....

point being they are out there, just a lot less common than the tan lthr combo.....

just be patient and keep looking, you'll find one..

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