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Humming In The 2nd Gear?


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Whenever i am accelerating and i get into the second RPM, i begin to hear this humming noise and it is really annoying. It doesn't only happen when i accelerate though because whenever i shift gears and the RPMs go down back into the second RPM it makes the noise then too. What could this be?

thanks for all your help

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I used to hear it too several months ago in my '01 ES, and later on that yielded into mis-shifts and hesitational behavior of the transmission. Turned out that a couple shift solenoids malfunctioned, resulting in the replacement of the tranny for a factory used reman tranny. Costed me a fortune for this overhaul :(

Not saying this is what's happening to your car, but I advise checking this out ASAP and keep a watchful eye for any check engine lights if you don't see any now. That's how I found out about the problem with my transmission.

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