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Fuel Injectors And Spolier


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I recently bought a 99 RX300, afterward I found this site and have been checking everyday listening and learning :)

2 things are irritating me to no end :angry:

1... is the fuel injector ticking noise.....I have done much trouble shooting on this in the last week and find that I can not make a determination weather it is a injector or injectors in unison making the noise or if it is related to the design of the fuel injector rail and damper setup ??

Any thoughts on injectors vs rail/damper is very much aprreciated. the my humble may not be that good of a design.

When driving on the highway between 60-75mph and the wind is in the "right " cross wind to the car ....(tends to be "right " a lot of time) it seems that it creates a howling noise........very irritating particulary when driving in quite radio cd , etc. I am thinking about perhaps changing it to a 2000 model which is a straight back design vs swoop down version.

Any other 99 RX300 owners having the same problem ???

I appreciate your time and effort :)

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my 1999 rx300 had the swoop down spoiler in the rear. I did notice some windo noise coming from the rear at high speeds which i don't hear on my 03 rx with the regular spoiler. I think the old spoilers on the 99's were designed to clean off dust and dirt off the talegate window at high speeds. The wind would get deflected ontl the wondow causing all dust to be blown off. The new spoilers i think were just for looks.

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All the RX fuel injectors produce some ticking noise. Just nature of the beast. I now someone with 180k on his 99 RX. The injectors made the same noise but never failed.

As far as wind noise. Do you have a roof rack? Sometimes repositioning the roof rack rails will help reduce wind noise. Try removing them & if the noise goes away then that's the problem.

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