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Tdcl Port


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I spent 3 days trying to install an Air Control Valve on the Power Steering Pump of my 94LS, and succeeded today-after blowing the 120A cartridge fuse. Seems I didn't tie off the battery lead correctly, and I proceeded to ground the alternator. Dumb, Dumb.

However, all the excellent advice from the forum sure paid off. I had the alternator covered with plastic bags, and the resulting fluid spray when I removed the valve was diverted to my drainage bottle neatly. Thank you all. The new valve is working well, and I can't wait to see if the mysterious p/s fluid loss problem is solved.

My question relates to the fact that when I disconnected the battery, I got the air bag light problem. So I went to use Lexls's great tutorial to fix it, and ran in to a little problem, which is definitely a weekend DIY'ers problem. How do I connect a wire into the tiny TDCL female ports? Some kind of flat connector? I tried stuffing a wire end in there, but it was pitiful. Thanks for your help.

Hey, Lexls, I tried connecting on your website so I could toss you a couple of bucks to thank you for the tutorials, but the link didn't work. Let me know what to do...


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