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Time For New Shocks?


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As some of you might know, I've been chasing around a vibration and the infamous squeky noise from the front when moving slowly, or hitting a dip / bump in the road. I have replaced the rear carrier bushings which reduced the vibration on acceleration tremendously. I have replaced the front strut rods, front lower ball joints and stabalizer bushings. But, I can't seem to shake that dang clunk noise in the front. Since having the strut rods put on last week it's gotten really really bad! It's coming from where the shock connects to the control arm and can easily be heard by pushing the car down while in park. I still have significant vibration when driving, but primarily on smooth blacktop roads. Concrete roads and no vibrations, smooth blacktop, vibrations, especially the fast you go. Now I'm a bit ignorant "but learning" since I've never really owned a car that made it to 95k miles. Are these miles high enough to wear out the stock shocks on these cars? Would worn out shocks create the vibration? The tires have been balanced perfectly from the dealer, and alignment is perfect too.


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95,000 miles is absolutely nothing for an LS if it has had decent care. And the original shocks on my 90 LS were still fine when I sold it at 183,000 miles. Since you can hear the noise when the car is bounced when stationary, maybe you could have someone else bounce it while you use an automotive stethoscope to precisely locate the source of the noise. A stethoscope costs around $10 and are handy for locating noises in the engine compartment, interior or wherever.

It is possible that the noise and the vibration are not related. The front bushings on my 90 were replaced at least a couple of times to solve a loud "creaking" noise which was loudest when going over a speed bump. The vibration could be caused by an out of balance tire, out of round tire, bent wheel, drive shaft issue (unlikely) or maybe other causes I don't know about. I don't remember having any vibration issues during my 13 years with my 1st LS. But why would your vibration occur only on blacktop and not on concrete? Makes no sense ... unless the blacktop road is has a lot more of a crown towards the center and you are having to move the steering wheel away from neutal center to hold the car on the road -- that can magnify a vibration.

On my current 00 LS, I had vibration at about 60 mph after a wheel shop put the stick on balancing weights where they were ground off by the brake calipers. And the vibration was worse when the steering wheel was off center as when going around a curve.

Quite a puzzle you've got.

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The car has been at the dealer a few times for inspection, and they say the bushings are fine. I can't figure it out, got me stumped. It's raining this morning and that seems to really quiet the noise down a lot. It's something that needs a grease gun. You got me on black top vibration too, it's strange. Smooth as butter on everything else, but smooth blacktop, and it vibrates. I really think the shocks are worn out. The bumpy roads would have them constantly moving and keeping pressure, but the smooth surfaces would have them stationary for the most part, and would be more effected by the spinning of the wheels. Here is what I've had replaced already.

Motor mounts, tranny mount, stabalizer bushings, rear carrier bushings, front strut rods, lower ball joints. The dealer swears the control arm bushings are fine, so it's a mystery to me. Drives me nuts though! :wacko:

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I have similar problems with my 95 LS 103k mi. around 70mph it has a strange dull vibration. I just bought the car and it came with brand new yokohama tires. I rebalanced the tires with the special high speed balancer and weights that go on the inside of the rim but to no improvement. A similar problem occured on my 90LS after I bought those inexpensive V rated Yokohama A series tires. I have since only put Michelin MXV on my 90 LS even though they cost a lot and have not had the vibration until it was time to change the engine and trans mounts which then solved the vibration problem again. I am contemplating these changes on my 95 as well but they all cost money and I am poor right now.


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