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Transmission Wont Come Out :d


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1993 Lexus SC400 UPDATE!! :D I have the car on jack stands, I have

1:disconnected the neg battery cable

2.removed the tranny dip stick

3.disconnected the throttle cable and clamps

4.removed the exahst pipe and converters (hollowed the converters out btw)

5.removed the exhaust heat insulator

6removed the rear center floor crossmember brace.

7removed the shift control rad.

8removed the driveshaft

9removed the electrical harness from the transmission

10removed the oil cooler tube clamp and disconnected the tubes

11removed the lower engine cover

12removed the torque converter inspection plate

13renived the torque converter bolts

14supported the tranny with a jack

15removed the rear tranny mount

16removed transmission mounting bolts to the engine

question is.. this thing wont budge now and Im afraid to pry it, is there somthing i missed ? or is it just difficult to come out. I dont want to force it , without knowing. any help would be appriciated



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