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Using Type T In The Auto Trans


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I have read about the importance of using Lexus Type T-IV in the trans but did not believe it. I drained the tranny recently and replaced with a good semi-syn auto trans fluid. The trans got progressively louder and the shifting sloppier.

Finally, I switched back and within 50 miles, the trans is like new.

I would not have believe this but it is true.

Stick to the T stuff.


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Be careful, using other than type T IV will void your factory warranty. I know of someone who actually brought their Lexus into a transmission shop & they used dextron fluid which eventually damaged the transmission. Scary how a transmission shop didn't know the proper fluid to put in. There is a difference in the color & smell of type T & other tranny fluids.

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Pretty well known problem for Chrysler products also. I think I would take this car to a shop that has a BG transmission fluid machine. The machine will replace all of the fluid in the trans, including the converter. Out with the bad, in with the good. There are other machines that do the same too. I;m sure the Toyota dealer has one.

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