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some of my dash and radio/ac board lights went out, and the dealer wants 450 and 253.59 for i am just wondering if its possible to fix those by DIY..

also, how do i replace the cup holder thing? it doesnt seem to be able to get pulled out....

and how do i take off the engine cover if i want to replace the sparkplugs? just unscrew it with the special tool?

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1. contact and see about pricing to fix your current dash.

2. do a search on "cup holder" as I believe another member has already posted instructions.

3. my 2002 cover has 4 allen screws in the front. I don't know what the 96 has. A torque head #30 if I remember correctly worked. An allen wrench should work also. Then is just unclips with a tug. IFixEm post excellent instructions for replacing the plugs on an ES about a week ago. Search on spark plugs and exact name of member (using his screen name) and you should be able to find it.


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now i am gonna try to do it myself sometime on the weekend...

by the way, is it ok to get the timing belt change at toyota?? its alot cheaper....($275 comparing to 400 something at lexus)

and i am in WI right now....

wow timing belt change at a Lexus dealership for $400 is dirt cheap. a toyota dealership will do the job well also.

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