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No Spark, 91 Ls400


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My 1991 LS400, occassionally will not start after being parked. Engine turns over fine, has no spark. In the past I found a temporary fix by disconnecting the battery for a few hours, thus resetting the computer. I changed computers and still have the same problem. As of not it will not start at all even after resetting the computer. I have switched ignition circut parts back and forth with my 1990 LS400 and the 90 starts fine and the 91 is still dead.

Someone told me it might be the cam sensors? But I do not know a simple way to check these, and not quite sure of their exact location. I can see a pair of red and white wires that I suspect lead to them. I was wondering if I could bypass these or if there is a simple way to remove them without taking the front of the engine apart?

Help appriciated: Bob

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i had a similar problem my lexus was shutting off periodically then eventually it ended up not started at all. I took it to lexus dealership and they had my car for about a month and couldnt figure out what was wrong. It turned out the fuse box was melting down. Hope that helps you out alittle

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