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2006 Gs430

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I just took delivery of my 2006 Mercury Metallic GS430 on Friday. I traded in my 1999 GS400 with 75000 miles. The 2006 is such an awesome machine that I am thrilled I waited for the new body style. My new past time is reading the 603 page manual! That doesn't even include the navigation manual!

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2006- No more room in the rear though?

I ask because I'm going into real estate sales and will probably upgrade my ES in 1.5-2 years. I was wondering if I should even look at the GS or just wait for the next LS. Rear seat room is one of the big concerns.

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I did not notice any more rear room when I sat in the 2 that my dealer had last week. I think you would be much better served with an LS if you are going to be having a lot of people in the back seat. Also, you will get fewer "heel scuffs" from people getting in and out in the LS simply because the door opening is larger. I noticed that my shoe seemed to catch the door sill when I tried to get in and out of the GS rear seat.

2006GS430 - I agree, we don't care about the weather. Bring on the pics!


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You got one already??? Official intro at my local dealer here in Vancouver is on March 5th! Got an invite yesterday. I am so jealous....

Pics, my friend...who cares if the weather is crappy?

My dealer owed me big time and let me take delivery ahead of time. And yes...I will get some pictures......

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I agree about the LS having a little more foot room and larger door openings if you will have alot of people getting in and out. It's just that I had 2 LS's for my 99 GS400, and I thought the Ls is just a little too "old man" for me...But you have to think about your clients as well..

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