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Bug Shields


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In 1991 i bought my first explorer, and when i sold it in 97, the front area of the hood was all chipped from rock chips etc. bugs imprinted (a gross sight). So when i bought my second explorer in 97 i bought the bug deflector. When i sold in last year i took it off; not a chip in sight! no bugs or anything! works so well i would reccomend it to everyone!

All it is is a black plastic plate about 2 inches high that attasches to the hood lip. doesn't tough the paint, just stays about a cm away. Can be removed at any time, and easiely put back on.

I got mine from (believe it or not)

i would HIGHLY reccomend it to you!

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As fot the windshield i think it works well for bugs; rocks i don't theink so well.

This is how they work: At high speeds it "deflects" the wind over the top of the car. without a deflector, th wind is not deflected high enough, so bugs will hit the windshield. With the deflector, the wind is deflected higher, dragging bugs OVER the top of the car instead of splatting on the windshield and hood. for rocks i don't thikni t works b/c a LOT of wind will be needed to levetate a rock 1-2 feet above.

but i think it's an investment that makes a difference.

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For a little more money look into the "clear bra" or "stongard" paint protection film made by 3M. Apparently a lot of dealers are installing this now, previously had to go outside shop. I have this product on all 3 cars and it is worth the $ it costs. It completely covers the front bumper, over the hood (about 12" back) door edges, under door handles, mirrors, etc. The metal will dent before the paint chips with this product on. You can barely see it on the car - so I think it would look a lot better than a plastic guard that you can never easily clean underneath. Since I discovered this product, all my new cars get it before they ever leave the dealership.

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Here is the one I bought from my dealer.  The grill guard is kinda blocking it.

Tex GX, Who makes that grill guard you have? I like the way it looks.


Waag makes it. I put it on myself. Very easy, bolts right on. I also have the matching tail light covers.

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