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1992 Sc300 5 Speed


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I'm considering trading in my 1999 Honda Civic for a 1992 sc 300 with a 5 speed and 102,000 miles. I'm going to test drive it this week. What should I look out for? How long do these engines last when properly maintained. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Gary

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i would consider a newer sc if your trading a 99 civic. you can pick up a 95-97 for about 10-15 grand i dont know how much the car your looking at is but anyway if your set on the car look for any suspension noise, when you reverse and brake listen for a knocking sound (if it knocks your lower arm bushings are gone) look for leaks from the power steering pump that may cause the alternator to go out. that should be the particulars.

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I bought my 92 SC300 5 speed with 103,000 miles on it for $10,500 tax and license included. If possible ask for service records. The actual worksheets not just the stamps in the owners maintainence manual. The reason I suggest this is, along with the power steering pump leaking (mine had to be replaced at 113,000) another problem that can occur in the older SC models has to do with the tensioner for the serpentine belt. This came to light after I replaced the pump and began to shred belts. The original can deteriorate and go out of round. The replacement is an upgrade.

Also it's nice to know if the timing belt was replaced at 90,000 and if the cam seals were also done at that time.

The engines are basically good ones and should go to 200 or 250,000 with no major problems if you don't abuse the devil out of them and maintain them according to specs. Hope you buy it. they are nice cars.

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