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Brake Job Price?


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hey , just wondering what would be the cost for front and back brake pads installed?

and how much do OEM brake pads cost alone ? i m thinking abut buying them and taking it to shop to install. so they dont install me some crap kind .

i hope i would not need the rotors resurfaced, i guess that would be another 30 bux front and 30 bux back?


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To get a good idea of what is needed to change the brakes check the workshop tutorials as i made a post their for relavent info.

Pads are about $60 each

new rotors are about 100 each

so 520 for all new brakes with great quality Canadian prices

so about 400-450

It only takes 30 minutes per corner so 2 hours max to change all 8 pads and 4 rotors.

2 x $60 for local technition 120

or about 90 from lexus 180 for labour.

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check my Photo Tutorial in the Maintenance section, its pinned at the top.

the process is for the ES250 but the ES300 is the same (or close).

You can PM me with any questions you might have.

if you cant use the PM feature yet, email them to me:

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if you are not likely to do the work yourself and have an independent that will allow you to bring in your own parts, then get the parts online.

here are the prices from


Front 0446533121 $34.94

Rear 0446632010 $35.64

Rear 0446632050 $34.94


Rear 4243133010 $79.30

Front 4351233041 $73.47

Rear 42431-33060 $78.81


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thanx guys, I probably would not be doing it my self since its snowing in NYC again hehe and i never done my brakes on any cars, even though i worked on my talon for a while. was afraid of its rust ; )

anyways, how come the back have 2 diff part #s and is that OEM?

i would probably not need the rotors, since mine look new, i just hope iw ould not have to resurface them

thanx again


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anyways, how come the back  have 2 diff part #s and is that OEM? 


yeah, they are Toyota/Lexus OEM parts from a large Lexus dealership in PA. They do a nice online distribution job too. I have used them in the past with no problems and their prices are as good as any online Lexus parts dealer.

another site is and

I haven't a clue why the two item numbers for the rear. You would have to call or email for a good answer.


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the reason why the rear is a different # is because of the size difference from the front brakes and the rear, thus making them different.  :D

I think the question was why are there two different part numbers listed for the rear, not why is there a different part number for the rear.


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