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Removing The Gold Emblems


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I'm not sure what you'd need to do for the 470...I've checked the 450 (which I have) and it's not too difficult.

Here's what I found on the 450:

The one on the grill is bolted on somehow. I'm not sure how you'd access that one unless you remove the grill.

One the rear, the "L" is held on by automotive adhesive foam tape. A hair dryer could be used to heat it up first. Some people use dental floss -- I would use some high-test fishing line personally -- to "saw" through the adhesive between the emblem and the body. The emblem on the rear hatch has a couple posts that insert into the body...something to note as your try to remove it (I think the posts are only used to align the emblem (no nuts holding it on).

Some use a heat gun as opposed to a hair dryer to heat the adhesive for removal. It's faster, but could heat stuff a little too fast or get it too hot.

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