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60's On Rear


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I used 225/60-15's on all four standard wheels for several years and there was plenty of clearance. I would be surprised if 225/60-16's did not fit since that size became standard in 93. Do you know anyone with a 93-up who would let your put his spare on your car to see? You are not going to mix tire sizes front to rear are you? The early LS (I had a 90) was very balanced and I suspect the handling could get very strange if tire sizes were mixed.

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the standard tire for the LS 15's is 205 55 15

the standard tire for the LS 16's is 225 60 16

Thanks guys. No I bought a set of new rims which are 16's-my 15s were in really bad shape. I guess thats were things get grey with respect to the book. The car is a 91LS. 55s fit fine. the 60 is odviuosly taller. I dont know if they changed body clearances when they went to bigger wheels in later years??

Its just to close to call if its gonna rub.

Prior post has me thinking if I mismatched and had 55 on front and 60 on rear I confuse the anti-lock too because of the slightly different rotation speeds.

Anybody ever try a mismatch?

Anybody running 16 225 60s on a 91LS?

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Hey 92 Lex nice looking LS ....Thanks. You da man. I'm in and I'll give it a go.

Love this board!


PS have you ever attmpted to get a new phone going with the beast thats in the car? I saw some posts here but can't find out exactly how to do it. It would be cool to pump it through the sound system and use the micro on the wheel.

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