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Think Of Buying An 02 Gs430

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Bleh, database error now I have to retype this. Here's the condensed and less fluffy version.

I'm considering buying a 2002 GS430 silver/blk 49,000 miles w/nav and stereo. Listing for $29,900. What's a fair price from a dealer for this car in good condition? Keep in mind this is winter in Minnesota and it's not a great car for that season.

Since the warranty is up in 600 odd miles are there any common problems I should bring to a dealer suggesting it be looked at before it expires?

Is an extended warranty worthwhile? Can't do CPO it seems since it's a Mercedes dealer selling it. The cars have such a great reputation for reliability is an extended warranty a waste of money assuming proper care?

Last question is what kind of life expectancy can one expect from these cars in terms of miles assuming they are well cared for? Is it realistic to expect 150,000 miles before major issues? Again assuming proper care? The car will be pretty babied as I have a 600hp twin turbo 93 rx7 track / street car if I really need to go fast etc.

Thanks in advance,


Edit: Won't let me fix the title :angry:

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