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Brake Rotors For A 93 Sc300


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Question regarding brake rotors.

I own a 93 SC300.

Recently had an inspection on my vehicle and it was determined that I need new brake rotors.

The fronts are fine.

I need the rears.

So I did a search online for available brake rotors...and I'm not really coming up w/ anything that seems available???

Here's a few of the links of what I've found: shows a rear rotor application for a 1999-2001 SC300.

This sounds kinda trivial...but would this be the same for my car???

Powerslot also seems to make a set for my car...but the year again reflects 99 - 01. (BTW...why is that? Why are all these companies only listing the 99+ model?)

If you guys know of any places to purchase rotors from...please post the link.

Thank you.

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Thanks for the quick replies thus far.

As far as Ebay is concerned...I'm leary about using Ebay as there are tons of horror stories. Wrong parts sent/received. No parts at all. No tracking provided, low/inferior quality parts, etc.

As far as the Lextasy rotors...I only need the rears (for now)...and would like some more feedback on these. Any cracking? How long have you had them on the vehicle? The front rotors do the majority of the "stopping" since I need the really doesn't matter to me whether they are cross drilled/slotted or full face rotors. Who (the brand) actually makes these rotors? Are you protected w/ a coating against rust?

Oh yeah...and Rotora seems to make rotors.

If you download the master catalog, you will see that the part numbers for a 92-98 application are different from those for the 99-2000 application. Anyone have experience w/ these rotors?

Thank you.

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i've had them for 1 year now and love them and def. notice a big difference in stopping vs. the original ones. As far as cracking, well... one has cracked, "only" b/c i did a brake burn-out for about 40 sec. with my spped showing ~60mph and the brakes locked up, but it's still good. You could probably get just two if you called them. good luck.

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i have a motorsports shop, if you want give me a call and i can find you a lot of them and the right application, i get them straight from the manufacturer. brembo or rotora or whoever it is. I have a Sc300 and i've done a lot of mods too big time custom so i know the car very well.

Double Image Motorsports


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sc300targatop, you will need to register as a vendor to promote any service for profit here. Contact Matt McNally if you are interested.

Streamline, Steve Ganz of Carson Toyota in Cali and Curt Aigner of Elmhurst Toyota in Ill. can set you up right. If you just want OEM front rotors, I will send you mine if you cover shipping COD. They need to be turned and sandblasted. 60,000 on them when I took them off. All 4 if you want them. Heavy stuff. Send e-mail if interested.

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