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Beeping Sound When Turning Car Off


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Hello, my girlfriends 1995 ES300 is all of the sudden making a single beeping sound when she shuts her car off. Anyone else have this problem or know what it might be? Thanks in advance! :blink:

Check the door's, trunk lid, and sunroof to make sure they're closed.

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It could be a warning that you have a code going off. To check your computer for codes have the key in the off position, press down on the temp. knob (auto) and the circulate button on the climate control and turn your car on, it should flash a few times then let go of the buttons and your codes will show up to let you know what is wrong. To find out what the codes are you can search the forum because someone listed them previously. Also, if a code 21 comes up, it is from your heat sensor which is no big deal, just means your car is probobly in the shade and cannot detect the light. Let me know what happens.. keep us posted :)

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