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Tracoff And Antilock Lights


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1991 LS 400 130K miles

Both the TracOFF and antilock lights came on today, I was driving for about thirty miles then the lights appeared, when I slowed down below 30 mph or so the lights went away, then I went faster they came back on. When I got to my destination and parked they would not come back on.

One other odd thing that happened is that I was listening to the radio when this first happened and the volume went to nothing, i tried other channels and still nothing, then after 20 seconds the volume started coming back. This is the first time that the radio has acted this way....

Any ideas? Thanks for any help.

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You need to check the brake fluid level. I had the same problem last month and come to find out that I had a brake line leaking and the fluid level went down again. The lights came back on and I knew I had a problem. After looking I found the brake line problem. Hope this helps.

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Check your battery terminals. It could be that a little corrosion has developed and the contact isn't good. I have had similar situations with other cars. I don't know if that is your problem but electrical connections are the best place to start since 90% of all problems are electrical.

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