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Lexus Gs400

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Hi, Just about to trade my ls400 (92) for a gs400 (98) (waiting for the bank approuval...)

First I fell in love with this car (gs400) (3 days ago) as much as I fell in love with my Ls400 four years ago, but now want to change to something sportier.

The car is mounted on (the optional???) chrome 17 inches wheels, and since here in Montreal we got a lot of snow during winter time, I was wondering if you got some advice on what kind of rims I should put on for winter. It seem that there is no black steel ordinary 17 inches rims on the market at least here in Montreal and was hoping if someone could give me some hint on what I should look for.

Thank's in advance


Gs 400 1998 champagne color (the car is in showroom condition, couldn't pass on this one).

B) B) B)

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Well after looking all over town for 16 inches rims that could fit my Gs, I found them at the Lexus dealer $70 each (cdn). Maybe more then expected and also more than those jobber brand, but at least they fit without problem.

A happy ending.

P.S. the car run great and is more fun to drive than my beloved Ls400 (traded-in)


Just took possession of my 1998 Gs 400 today in 6 inches of snow.

;) ;) ;) ;) ;)

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